With news from the very talented Malina that the soft kit she is making for me is on the way, I have almost got things sorted out to the point where  I was hoping to be several years ago. I will be getting photos up as soon as I get a free weekend and some sun (hopefully before the performance season starts), but it does mean that come St George’s day at Wrest Park I will have all the soft kit other than a pair of new shoes that I am waiting on, the harness and appropriate weapons, and a good tent.

Since we’re soon to take possession of a larger car, this will give me scope (if I can find the time) to make some bits and pieces of camp furniture to be able to flesh out the impression. I am thinking that a small bench, and small trestle table, would be initially sufficient, although I would also like to flesh out the interior of the tent.

Another small piece that I would like to fill in is to have a small book with a transcription of at least part of Ringeck so that I have it handy during demonstrations, so thinking is in progress there. I also want to put together a feasible period metal polishing kit, so I have something to do with my hands while sitting!