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With news from the very talented Malina that the soft kit she is making for me is on the way, I have almost got things sorted out to the point where  I was hoping to be several years ago. I will be getting photos up as soon as I get a free weekend and some sun (hopefully before the performance season starts), but it does mean that come St George’s day at Wrest Park I will have all the soft kit other than a pair of new shoes that I am waiting on, the harness and appropriate weapons, and a good tent.

Since we’re soon to take possession of a larger car, this will give me scope (if I can find the time) to make some bits and pieces of camp furniture to be able to flesh out the impression. I am thinking that a small bench, and small trestle table, would be initially sufficient, although I would also like to flesh out the interior of the tent.

Another small piece that I would like to fill in is to have a small book with a transcription of at least part of Ringeck so that I have it handy during demonstrations, so thinking is in progress there. I also want to put together a feasible period metal polishing kit, so I have something to do with my hands while sitting!

Hello world!

This is, of course, the obligatory hello world entry. I’m in the process of renovating my main site, and as part of that activity I’ve moved the older “things medieval” pages aside. I’ll use this blog to track plans, intentions and events, and hopefully keep track of the evolution of my re-enactment kit. Later today I will flesh out the ‘about’ page, which should give information about the things I am particularly interested in. Short term though, I think lunch is in order.