To Do

This page will be a semi-regularly updated list of what currently Needs To Be Done – note that it’s not the entire list that is in my mind, more the things that I’ve identified as I’ve written up notes about kit and impression. There’s no particular order to most of this.


  • acquire ankle shoes, mainly for harness – ordered and waiting;
  • re-glue the scabbard chape;
  • acquire or make pattens for both my long boots and the ankle shoes;
  • make better fitted shirts, preferably with collars;
  • trim the front strap on the scabbard;
  • add a belt to the mail skirt so it can be worn;
  • fix the laces on the coif;
  • line the mail standard, or make a scarf;
  • acquire or make better gloves for wearing with gauntlets;
  • add mail voiders to the arming doublet;
  • re-glue the three-legged oak stool;
  • make a bed-roll;
  • make a feasibly speculative polishing kit;
  • acquire rope and stakes for a circle for demonstrating in;
  • make or acquire a ground sheet for both tents;
  • make some extra hand napkins;
  • possibly add some extra points to the blue hose.