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Given that you are reading this document, it is likely that you already have some notion how to find your way to my personal WWW page. You may have noticed my email address on the bottom of some of the pages. Nonetheless, here I present those details again in a neat box that you can print, cut out, and put in your wallet or purse. If you want a version of this business card to put in your wallet with printing on the back, then you’ll need to get one from me in person.

a carpenter

Robert Hook

Things Medieval
Systems Designed and Constructed
Part-time polymath
+44 (0) 7961 524810

If you need to send me something encrypted, I have a PGP public key that you can use. (Key fingerprint BA0D 4445 024D 496B A917 36A2 1485 A30D CDAC BFBB)

If you are looking for me for professional reasons, in addition to my resumé you can find my profile at LinkedIn, and some code at GitHub.

Other Places

All of the images in this web site are in the public domain, unless otherwise noted, and you are free to do whatever you want with those in the public domain. Similarly the CSS style sheets are available freely available for re-use. You can even re-use the HTML structures and formats if you wish.

The words, or rather the specific arrangement of words I have used, remain copyright to myself, and I would strongly prefer that you didn’t re-use them without my permission, or at least attributing them to me.

Of course I can’t enforce this copyright, but at least by stating that they’re my words, and you can’t have them unless you want to play nicely, I have asserted my intellectual property rights in a reasonably unambiguous fashion.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.



Things Medieval

Part-time Polymath



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